Cotton pads

Double face cotton quilted make-up remover discs (make-up removing and toning side). Quilted for higher resistance. They can be developed in many sizes and shapes, with personalized artwork pack and hermetic closure.


Razors with Swedish steel blades. They can be made with pivoting head, lubricating strip and rubber coated handle. They can be packed in bag or blister. Refills are also possible, either packed individually or along with the suitable handle as a set.

Cotton buds

Cotton buds with biodegradable stick. It is possible to develop them both for adults and kids in many packing options.

Deodorant for men & women

150ml deodorants for men and women, high selection of scents. Each can be personalized both as far as artwork as well as in the colour and type of the lid.


Adult and kids toothbrushes in a wide variety of models and colours that can be also personalized with different shape bristles, flexible head, non slip handle and gum massaging rubber. Various packaging styles available.

Sanitary Pads

Sanitary pads in various types for every type of flow: panty liners, ergonomic pads, pads with wings, night time pads .


Cleansing, make-up removing, micellar, intimate and baby wipes. Various formats and scents.

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