Air Freshners

Air Fresheners: 20 ml liquid air fresheners in single and triple pack, 250 ml refills, 300 ml air fresheners, 10ml and 18ml mini refills with or without diffusor, scented membranes and deodorant in gel.

Freezer Bags

HDPE freezer bags in many types. For each roll it is possible to choose the number of bags and it is also possible to add ties to close the bag.

Cleaning wipes

Scented cleaning wipes for the home, the office and the car in hard plastic container with easy tear off top.

Skewers & Toothpicks

Double pointed wooden toothpicks for which it is possible to choose the number of pieces per pack and the packaging type (plastic or cardboard). Each toothpick can be also individually wrapped with the option of personalizing the paper wrap.
Bamboo skewers in many sizes and packs. The pack can also have a practical hanging hole.

Space saving bags

Space saving vacuum sealed scented bags that can be developed in many sizes, with a valve to easily insert the vacuum cleaner.

Toilet Cleaning Gel

Toilet cleaning gel with convenient dosing handle and scent saving lid. It is possible to choose from many scents.

Dust attracting Cloths

Dust attracting and retaining cloths with embossed structure. These can be made both scented and not and are available in different types of packaging, weights and sizes.


360° duster available in many scents. Packs can be assorted with different scents and the duster can be combined in a set with a suitable coloured handle.

Washing cloths

Washing machine cloths available in different scents and with different purposes: colour retaining, whitening, softening, etc.


White, coloured and fluorescent clothing plastic pegs. They can be packed in bags or cardboard and the number of pieces per pack can be of your choice.

Pet Pads

Highly absorbing disposable pet pads in various sizes, with handy stickers to secure them to the floor/surface.

Silica crystals Litter

Silica crystals cat litter, completely odourless, with great absorbing capability. Available in many packs.

Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cleaning cloths in many sizes and packs. It is possible to choose from different finishes: abrasive weaving, square embossing, silk effect or with special polyurethane treatment.

Spray Mop

Aluminum spray mop with interchangeable microfiber cloth, with useful refillable water and detergent tank. Possible in various colours.

Microfiber Mop

Microfiber mop with Italian screw, available in different colors and weights.

Garbage Bags

Scented and colourful garbage bags, with or without easy closure, available in different sizes.

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